Saturday, May 2, 2009

My twins or my twins?

I've noticed I have a dilemma, right out of the starting gate.

Making sure I spend enough time with my twins ... and then with my twins.

Meaning my real, live twin daughters versus my fantasy twin heroes. I've found that at times I get so entrenched in writing a scene and getting down that thought before it escapes my head that I feel like I'm ignoring my girls. I'm not, since they get most of my time during the day, but sometimes it doesn't feel like it. But I'm the type of writer that will get an idea and either go on the computer and belt it out -- or I'll walk around with pen and paper to scribble a note. (Case in point, there is a sheet of paper and marker beside my bed...)

I do a lot of my writing at night, so if I'm neglecting anyone, it's my husband. Of course, he sits on his computer and does things most all night too so I guess I'm not the only one who is head bent over a computer all night.

Still, my first hurdle with the writing of the Dreamers book appears to be splitting my time evenly between the writing and real life. I knew it would be a problem, though, since I've been writing fanfiction for years and had similar difficulties with that. The thing this time that's a major difference is that I hope to publish this story and if I'm very lucky, make money doing it. So, in a way, I can argue that this is indeed a job that I have to spend "x" amount of time doing a day.


Sure ... that's what I'll tell myself.

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