Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lagging a bit...

Some days you just hit your groove and type, type, type away.

And others -- you stare at the computer screen, fingers poised over the keys, and nothing will come out. Or what does come out, you hate and immediately delete.

I'm having one of those weeks, it seems.

You would think that getting my new Lenovo x61 tablet laptop PC would be exciting enough to make me want to just sit anywhere and everywhere and write away on the book, but alas it has been more frustration so far.

Note to future Lenovo/IBM PCs with Windows Vista buyers: These babies come with so much preloaded "bloatware" that the performance speed is piss poor! I had to go in and disable a zillion things in msconfig and I plan to delete a bunch of "try me" software as well. I've already increased some of the speed by doing the former.

OH, and if you want a tablet -- be forewarned -- they don't usually come with internal CD/DVD drives. So you need to have an external to install any software from CD. Haha, it never even occurred to me that you could get computers without a way to install stuff. Nor did it occur to my Dad, who worked at IBM for like 30 YEARS!

Okay, but the one neat thing is that I can flip this screen around and read my book draft in "tablet mode" which makes me almost feel like I'm reading a real book. And since I converted the file to a ".lit" Ebook format, I can read and have the book read to me in Microsoft Reader.

That's pretty cool...

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