Friday, May 1, 2009

What's this blog for...

Well, I've thought about doing it for a while.

I have two blogs that focus on my girls, Lily and Eve.

But not one that focuses on me.

And I still don't have one that focuses on me because this one will focus on only one aspect of me -- what I like to call "the battle of the book." What that means is what it says, basically, the day-to-day struggles of getting my wacky imagination to make some sense so I can put it down on "paper" and finish my book.

A little background: I started writing back in elementary school. I laugh everytime I find something I did back then, but who doesn't, right? It has always been a goal of mine to write and publish a book. Over the years, the type of book has changed a million times. Recently (meaning since high school, so for about 10 years...) I have been trying to come up with an idea that would give me the chance to write in all my favorite genres.

I found it.

I'm not going to give away much of the story here, since I do want to publish it and I do want people to, well, you know, buy it someday. And because any author will tell you, this story is likely the change over the course of its writing. But I will tell you some basics as they currently stand.

The main characters are twin boys, Dylan and Terran. Unlike my girls, they are fraternal and they are -- quite different. These boys discover they were born with a gift -- though at times it might be considered a curse -- on their 14th birthday. They don't dream like the rest of us. From time to time -- their dreams are real and it is up to the boys to save wherever it is their dreams take them. The first book is set in a land called Karne. And Karne is in turmoil after one of its rulers has been somehow changed from a kind and gentle being -- to a cruel and heartless one. Dylan and Terran, reluctantly at first, have to solve the mystery of what happened to him, battle back his armies, and all before they can "wake up" and go home.

There, that's all I'm saying...

For now.

Stay tuned.

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